Marc had dreamed of visiting the tiny Isle of Capri since he read Axel Munthe’s “Book of San Michele” as a teenager.  His wish came true in time for his 50th …  After a short ferry ride from Naples and a typical Italian taxi ride through streets so narrow the driver had to fold his mirrors, we arrived at our Bed and Breakfast, nestled on the side of the mountain, with stunning views towards Pompei and mainland Italy.  Our hosts treated us like royalty, making sure we discovered trails and restaurants used only by the locals.  The food was beyond delicious, the local wines so unlike the Italian wines we can buy here in Canada, and everything was obviously calorie free 🙂

Marc of course wanted to retrace the steps of Maria Porta Lettere, who delivered the mail to Axel Munthe up the 777 steps carved in the mountain to his breathtaking home (now a museum) for 30 some odd years, and the climb, as well as the views, were well worth the exercise.

We hiked around hidden coves, meandered through mountain forests, surrounded by the scent of cypress, olive and myrtle trees, and spied on graceful villas overlooking the Mediterranean.  One afternoon, Marc had to bring out his knowledge of Italian to yell at hunters who were shooting at wild boars nearby to please stop for a while because “mia moglie ha paura”…

We also simply had to visit the Blue Grotto, whose colour defies imagination.  This gem of an island, where lemon trees and fresh herbs abound, was definitely worth the trip.