Eagle Eye Winery and Napa Valley

Eagle Eye label 

  The personalized welcome we received from Bill and Roxanne back in 2007 was so special, we couldn’t go through Napa Valley in 2013 without setting up another visit to Eagle Eye.

  Bill had organized another very nice tour of the vineyard (their property  is surrounded by a row of olive trees – and Eagle Eye make their own olive oil).  Bill gave us a great lecture on the different kinds of grapes they grow, the variances in soil conditions from one side of the vineyard to the other, and all the different techniques they use to make their vineyard – and their wines – so special.

  After the tour, it was back to the veranda in front of their rancher, where Roxanne had a delicious spread of cold cuts, cheeses, edible flowers (Deanna even tried – and liked – the flowers !), crackers, Eagle Eye olive oil, fresh bread … and of course a great selection of wines for us to sample – and take home 🙂 


We also visited a few other wineries: Artesa (for its unique architecture that you will see in the pictures below), Hendry (another great semi-private tour and lecture – and with Marc working for Hendry Swinton McKenzie, we couldn’t pass up the name 🙂 ), and Reverie, where we had yet another very informative (and expensive) tour in their beautiful garden …