Kettle Valley Rail & Myra Canyon

We had heard about a great bike ride in the Kettle Valley, and that the old railway track that  that meander through the Myra Canyon were spectacular.  We loaded our bikes in the back of our little Insight (yes, enough room for both bikes and our luggage) and headed to Peachland for the 2010 BC Day long weekend.

Deanna found a great B & B (with a beautiful swimming pool and a guest barbeque) overlooking Okanogan Lake, and our hosts Chris and Sheila prepared delicious and creative breakfasts ….

The bike ride is only about 12 km, but well worth the trip.  The views accross the Myra Canyon are gorgeous indeed, and you gain a lot of respect for the pioneers who originally built all those tressle bridges with nothing but hand tools and a lot of sweat.  If you look at the pictures and wonder about a couple not beeing very straight, bear in mind that Marc took these while riding and holding his camera behind his head 😎

We of course had to explore many of the wineries in the area, and discovered that size and fame aren’t necessarily the best factors in choosing what to bring home: our favourite wines all came from smaller and less travelled wineries: the Sin Cera from  Howling Bluff and Freud’s Ego from Therapy Vineyards were some of the best.