A work conference for Marc took us to Orlando, Florida in September 2011.  We stayed at the Gaylord Palms, where the conference rooms were huge, and the inner courtyard of the hotel large enough for a river with alligators, a pond with turtles, a pool with stingrays, and a lagoon complete with tropical fish and a pirate ship.  A typical American “supersize” everything, but entertaining nonetheless.  The Gaylord also has a giant screen where they announce upcoming events and conferences, and where, somehow (?) our 2nd anniversary wishes were prominently displayed on the 22nd …

Orlando headerWe stayed 2 extra days in Florida, played at Disneyworld for a day (here’s the video Deanna took of the roller coaster)
and then we went to Cape Canaveral.  The sheer size of the site and the buildings is unbelievable, but seeing, up close and personal, a real Saturn V rocket and memorabilia from the Apollo program literally sends shivers down your spine.  We weren’t overly excited at the thought of going there, but after experiencing the visit, we would recommend it to anyone.