REO Rafting

Marc discovered white water REO rafting back in ’94 during a visit by his brother Jean-Francois and Isabelle.

Marc &  his daughter Thia fell in love with the water and quickly went from easy trips in motorized boats down the Thompson River to more adventurous paddle trips on the Chilliwack River, the Skykomish River in Washington State, and to Marc’s favourite, the Nahatlatch River and its Canyon (Class 4) up by Boston Bar.

REO base camp panorama - Copy

The trips with REO Rafting are always fantastic, and Marc has gone rafting with them at least once a year since he discovered their great resort.  It took Marc’s son Ryan an extra decade to venture back onto a raft after his first experience, but he’s got the bug too now ;-).  The two of them discovered the Class 5 Stein River together in 2005.  The Stein Valley and the river are simply gorgeous, and in 2006, they were in the first ever group of customers to run the rapid called “The Void” … Check out the separate Stein Blog and its videos

Deanna did her very first rafting trip on the Nahatlatch  😆 on a hot summer day of 2010, and we will be going back for more …

On a side note, it is always fun to stop in Hope (where they shot the Rambo movies) and pay a visit to the Headquarters of the Flat Earth Society.  And we thought this was the 21st century …


In the summer of 2013, Marc’s nephew Alexou came from France for a visit, and REO rafting was of course on top of the things to do.  Marc, Ryan and Alexou went up to to Boston Bar and met with the great guides led by Bryan Fogelman.  Marc has done over 20 trips on the Nahatlatch River, and Alexou was about to enjoy the beauty and magic of this great river.

After some training and swimming on a pristine lake, the first rapids they encounter are called “Rose Garden” (long and technical) and “Meat Grinder” (a sharp right hand turn where we met a great rolling wave and almost flipped the raft).  So here they are:


The next section of the Nahatlatch river gave the guide Mike (a friendly Aussie – but aren’t they all ?) a chance to let Alexou “Ride the Bull”, and then try to let the raft “surf”. In order to surf, Mike has to get the raft in just the right position in the right rapid, and let the undertow of the rapid push the raft back up against the flow of the river. It’s a lot of fun, as we all sit at the bottom of the raft and the water tumbles in. The only problem that day: Mike had a hard time getting us OUT of the surf 🙂 . Check this out:


In part III, it’s Ryan and Marc’s turn to ride the bull – and Alexou is grinning from ear to ear as we have so far paddled our way through rapids called “Headwall”, “Twisted Sister”, “Lose Yer Lunch” and many more :

To end the day, a special treat from REO Rafting.  The water in the Canyon (Class IV rapids) had come down to just the right level to allow the first run of the year, so Marc & Ryan added on an extra trip with 3 guides and a couple of kayakers.  While it normally takes half an hour for this part of the river, they flew from one rapid to another and finished the Canyon is 15 minutes.  What a ride 🙂

Thank you, REO, for years of great memories and fantastic trips