Toulouse summer 2009

Toulouse Summer 2009.

We spent almost 3 weeks in France in 2009, mainly at Marc’s sister’s in Toulouse, where great wine, fantastic food and warm company are always at hand.

We did a few side trips to Nìmes and its beautiful Roman amphitheatre, the Pont du Gard – Marc had visited this some 45 years before, with his Dad (Pierre) and his Mom (Suzanne), Castres (a lovely, quiet town with beautifully painted houses on a peaceful canal), and on the way home, Deanna had her first glimpse of the Mediteranean in Sete (thank you, Georges Brassens, for your beautiful “Supplique“).

Toulouse 2009 Header

We also went on a hot air balloon ride with Alexou (see separate blog for pictures of our flight), visited Marc’s family in Belgium, and came home via Paris.