Our first trip to Venice was in 2010, to celebrate Marc’s 50th.  Venice is breathtaking, especially in the off season.  Like everyone, we enjoyed the gondola rides, the Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs.  But we also discovered Venice before she wakes up, with her quiet streets, her uncluttered canals, and her street vendors setting up shop, and a Piazza San Marco with more pigeons than tourists.  We tried a couple of museums, updated our wardrobe thanx to British Airways and their endless stream of excuses when our luggage didn’t arrive for almost 3 days, and visited so many leather stores we lost count.

Venice header

We walked around in the evening, stopping in quiet cafés and small restaurants, and we also listened to a nightime concert of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in a beautiful little church (and with Marc’s great aunt Tante Yette listenning somewhere high above…).  Here is a sample of the Interpreti Veneziani in the Chiese San Vidal.

We will definitely go back (and next time we hope that our luggage arrives with us …).  After Venice, we flew to the iconic island of Capri.  Capri was on Marc’s bucket list and, if you’re looking for pictures of a unique vacation destination, check out our Capri blog 🙂