Viva Las Vegas – and the Cirque du Soleil Beatles “LOVE” show !

Viva Las Vegas !  A special birthday present from Deanna was a pair of tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil perform their Beatles “LOVE” show at the Mirage Hotel (where we stayed).  And what a show it was!

We were already familiar with the soundtrack (Cliff & Barb Broetz gave us the CD years ago – back then we didn’t realize the actual origins of the new arrangements and medleys), but we were blown away by the acrobatics and the choreography.  The performers – no, the artists – from the Cirque du Soleil have a unique talent to merge feats of incredible strength with displays of graceful agility and flexibility.  We certainly would like to see another performance – even if it’s not accompanied by the music of Lennon & McCartney.

Vegas header 



We spent our days walking up and down the strip and trying our luck here and there.  Deanna of course kept hitting jackpots (she won enough on our first night to cover the airfare), while Marc was relegated to the penny machines …

We also ventured on the New York New York roller coaster and survived a couple of trips upside down 🙂