Water Skiing on Prospect Lake with Rob & Geraldine

Water Skiing on Prospect Lake!

Nobody is really sure who has the most fun when we go water skiing on Prospect Lake: the two of us water skiing (or trying to), or Rob Oldfield and Geraldine having a good chuckle at our attempts … The water skiing is even more enjoyable when Robbie (who after all own a gas station) remembers to bring enough fuel on board so that we don’t have to be rescued by other boaters – but that’s another story 🙂

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We always have a great time on Prospect Lake and, even if we don’t get to go water skiing, Rob and Geraldine have this really cute floating dock with an outboard motor.  We all grab a picnic and a bottle of wine, putt putt across the lake, and let the evening breeze blow us back to shore. 

What a wonderful way to finish a long day in the sun.

Prospect Lake March 2013 small


Robbie’s lawn has also been home to a few memorable croquet paaaarties, and his potluck dinners are always a great success.

In August 2013, Marc’s godson Alexou came from France for his vacationt, and we had the chance to test our new “GoPro” camera.  Here is Alexou on his first day of waterskiing: