Wedding in Brazil

“Bahia”, a French song by Véronique Sanson, captured our imagination, and we decided to have our wedding in Brazil.  Marc proposed in a French restaurant in Vancouver (Le Crocodile), and the Maitre d’ agreed to change the restaurant’s background music playlist to coordinate “our song” with Marc bringing out the engagement ring.  Deanna recognized the song and was virtually speechless … but did manage to say “yes” 🙂

Bahia Header

Our wedding was a small but romantic and fun-filled affair in Costa do Sauipè, Bahia.  Marc’s sister Geneviève & her husband Jacques came from France, while our friends Pat & Don Unger (who was Marc’s best man), as well as Clorice Robertson (Deanna’s demoiselle d’honneur), flew down from Canada.  Debbi Charron couldn’t make it, but sent a doppelgänger to take her place.  Follow her adventures here:

We also visited the city of Savaldor de Bahia, the first capital of Brazil, and one of the oldest cities in the Americas, but we spent most of our time on endless and deserted beaches, frolicking in tumbling waves, and trying out exotic drinks.  Jacques had never been to an all-inclusive resort before, and proudly waved his bracelet all day as we went from the hotel bar to the swim to bar to the karaoke bar … We had a blast 🙂 

The marriage ceremony itself took place right on the beach … but that’s the topic of a separate blog 🙂 …