Whistler Olympics

The thrill of  the Whistler Olympics!  Marc’s brother Jean-François and his wife Isabelle wanted to enjoy an Olympic experience of their own, and flew over to catch some of the excitement with us.  After a harrowing trip where their train from Belgium to the Amsterdam airport was delayed by a fierce snowstorm, they missed their scheduled flight and we waited for them for a quite while at SeaTac.  However, driving up to Whistler in the middle of the night allowed us to bypass all the security checks and avoid the parking police, and we were actually able to get the car into the hotel garage !  We weren’t about to push our luck and didn’t move the car for 4 days …

The weather was very nice – too nice actually, since the Olympic downhill skiing was repeatedly delayed, but we got to watch the men’s luge (Marc would like to try that one day – he’s nuts …) and ski jumping (how do they stay in the air for so long ???)

We also went on a fantastic dog sledding trip, where we got to take turns riding in the sleds AND “mushing” the amazingly friendly dogs.  The dogs are SOOOO excited when they are chosen for the day’s tour, it’s a pleasure to watch them eagerly want to pull and work in the snow.  The memory of that trip is unfortunately tarnished by the massacre of dogs from another tour operator following the Games.