Bailey and I

I live in Victoria with my cat Bailey, in a townhouse located in a gorgeous and quiet setting with Elk Lake Park as our backyard  🙂 .  I really enjoy the area, close to both work and trails for hiking, jogging or biking.

I immigrated to Canada in 1981, and my Dad and two brothers still live in Belgium.  My sister Geneviève lives in the south of France.  I was married twice:  24 years with Lorri-Anne – and we have two kids together (both Thia (born in ’83) and Ryan (’86) live and work up in Nanaimo) and then 9 years with Deanna.  I also joined the Big Brothers program in 2014 and I am the proud and happy Big Brother of Luan, a great kid who moved to canada_fl_ from brazilian flaga few years ago

A CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) by trade and vocation (ask if you want to know the Monopoly story), I am the Controller for an insurance brokerage firm. Hendry, Swinton, McKenzie (owned by Brad Hendry, Ross McKenzie & Adrian Stoddart), is located downtown Victoria, with another office in Langford and one in Duncan.  

I enjoy hiking & bike riding, playing bridge, playing badminton or tennis (I’ve even tried pickleball …), having dinner parties or hanging out with friends (Victoria’s very friendly and active badminton community made me feel at home as soon as I moved here), and now the bridge “family” has opened many new doors and helped me discover new friends.  I also enjoy traveling, sharing a good bottle of wine (do try to visit my favourite vineyard: Eagle Eye [in the Napa Valley] for an experience you won’t forget), listening to music, and reading …