Stein River

The Stein River valley offer an unique opportunity to raft in  a simply gorgeous environment, with Class IV and V rapids … Marc and Ryan have rafted this river a few of times, and it is a very unique trip (it is after all the steepest commercially rafted river Canada).  Bryan Fogelman, the owner of REO rafting, is quite passionate about the Stein, and understandably so.  Thank you for introducing us to this corner of paradise, Bryan.

Do take a few minutes and follow the link to the Reo Rafting page dedicated to this beautiful BC river, and maybe you will want to “Experience an exclusive rafting trip that only 300 people have ever done!” …

Marc and Ryan also belong to an even more exclusive club, being the first customers to actually run the Stein River rapid called “The Void”.  The configuration of the boulders and the technical demands of “The Void” are such that the REO guides usually portage around it.  But in 2006, the conditions were just right, and it was a thrill !!!

Watch Ryan and Marc on the three part YouTube video:
In this first one, Ryan talks about the Stein and they hike up to the starting point of the trip:

In this next one, the guide describe some of the rapids, Marc & Ryan are at the bow of the only yellow and red raft:

The rest of the action (including a few people going overboard 😆 ) , is this third one: