Geneviève Furnémont

Marc’s sister Geneviève Furnémont lives in Toulouse, France, with her second husband Jacques Seigan. She gives amazing tours and conferences about arts and architecture, and Jacques is a physiotherapist who can heal anyone … better than anyone. She has two sons, Renaud and Alexou (Alexou is Marc’s godson), and Jacques has two kids of his own (Kevin and Sandra).

Geneviève is an amazing chef, and our trips to Toulouse are always full of culinary suprises … complemented by the special wines Jacques brings out for his guests.

Our very own “Editions Bahia Consulting” also published the first edition of Geneviève’s book “Violante, Marrane de Toulouse“, and subsequent printings done in France quickly sold out.  Geneviève is now working on her second novel, based on the life of one of Cezanne’s companions.

Geneviève and Marc share a special bond, and she asked him to be her “Man of Honour” at her first wedding.  Geneviève also introduced us to the music of Véronique Sanson, and we both fell in love with one of her duets called “Bahia”.  When Marc proposed in a French restaurant in Vancouver, they agreed to play that song in the background (thank you, Le Crocodile), and it was therefore very fitting that Geneviève and Jacques flew to Brazil and come to our wedding.