Jean-François Furnémont

Jean-François was Marc’s baby brother, the one he played cards with, the one he let win at tennis, the one he played soccer on crutches with, the one he carried on his shoulders when they went hiking … The One. “JFF” and La Belle Isabelle were married in 2000, Louise was born the following year, and her brother Arthur arrived in August 04.  They live in a beautiful “green home”, virtually energy self efficient,  in a quiet village in the countryside in Belgium.

When Marc’s Mom passed away, Jean-François delivered an passionate and powerful eulogy. Marc’s Mom’s last message could have been a quote from John McRae: “To you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high – if ye break faith with us who die we shall not sleep”.  JFF is no longer the baby brother, but the Man ready to hold and carry the torch …

A former freelance journalist, Jean-François is the author of several political biographies.  As Chair of EPRA (European Platform of Regulatory Authorities) and of the similar body for the French Speaking Community in Belgium, he regularly travel on all continents and presents lectures at conferences on media regulation and promotion of media pluralism, human rights and democracy.

Jean-François also grew up playing tennis and volley-ball, and is the administrator of the Fondation Patrick Defourny, an organization dedicated to the support of a young boy affected by a rare genetic disease.